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Furniture Store – Kitchen Cabinet Buying Guide

Furniture Store in Lagos - Kitchen Cabinet Buying Guide Kitchen Cabinet Buying Guide When finishing the house, updating kitchen cabinets can be as easy as replacing doors and cupboards — or as big a task as completely switching out all the cupboards. Of course, the style and type of cabinets you decide on largely depends…
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Wardrobes Buying Guide in Nigeria

Wardrobes Buying Guide in Nigeria Wardrobes are another important piece of furniture in the bedroom after the bed, so it's important to take time to find the right wardrobe to suit your needs. There are plenty of wardrobe options available to provide storage in the bedroom; freestanding wardrobes are versatile and will give your bedroom…
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Bookcase Buying Guide in Nigeria

Hitech Design Furniture Ltd is a top furniture supplier in Lagos. We have come up with wonderful designs of Bookcases, and the techniques for finding the best Bookcase in Nigeria. The bookcase is the most available essential storage unit in any home. It could be used for books or to organize a variety of everyday…
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Types of Desk – Your Favourite Desk

Desk - Furniture store in Lagos Nigeria | HITECH - Quality at Best Prices Hitech Design Furniture Ltd is the leading furniture company in Lagos. If you want to buy quality office tables that will meet your needs adequately, you need to read this: Desks could be classified in a numerous varying categories. From slim, minimalist…
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Home Furniture Tips

Home furniture is as important as the house where we live. That's why we've come up with simple steps on how to select the right bed frame for you! Step 1 Choose the one that is health-aid Step 2 Think about the support and comfort the frame can offer! Step 3 Consider the size needed. Step…
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3 steps to choosing the right kitchen cabinets

Hitech Design Furniture Ltd is a top rated furniture supplier in Nigeria that supplies Kitchen cabinet in Lagos Nigeria. We've come up with 3 steps to help you when choosing kitchen cabinets. Installing a new cabinet or refacing an old one could cost a lot. However, care must be taken to avoid waste of money.…
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Tips on Buying Settee

Tips on Buying Settee in Lagos Nigeria 1. Check the Frame The frame should not wobble or creak, it should be sturdy and sit squarely on the floor. Wobbly or creaky frames mean less sturdy joints, while a strong frame means your sofa will last you longer. Tip: To test frame strength, lift one front…
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